Winter Sports

With fall beginning to end and the December month approaching, this means winter sports are among us! I hope that all winter sport athletes are ready for their season to begin. For seniors this last season of your sport or sports you play during the winter can be bitter swear. I mean come on its your last season playing this sport. Although it can also be sad you´ll be happy in the long run you were able to be apart of that team, and the family it provided you with of you other team mates. For seniors all you can really do is play this last season with all you’ve got and make this last season the best one yet for you´ll never get another “last” at playing this sport. I would say as senior being able to look back on your high school sports career and say you happy with how you’ve played and grown over the years could one of the best feels in the world. Because how really wants to look back think about having a bad high school sports career? No one I know would want to. Even in any grade not just being a senior, I would hope you’d still want to think about having a good sports season and helping your team mates the best and most efficiently you could. Hopefully all the winter sports athletes this season have a great year ahead. I hope you all push yourself to get better not only in your sport but academically too. Without good grades I doubt you’d be playing much but the bench.


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