Junior Year and Being College Bound

The sound of planning for college your junior year of high school sounds a little crazy. But really it´s smart to try to plan ahead of time to be ready for your future. I´m not saying to go nuts on the process of going to college and decide everything your junior year but doing the little things like going on college visits or researching what you´d potentially like to major in goes a long way . Coming from my experience of trying to be as successful as possible with my college choices I went on seven college visits my junior year, including the summer I went on two more to help narrow down my choices of where id like to continue my education. Another important thing to do is to take the SAT or ACT. And personally if I could offer anyone advice on this STUDY! Make the test as painless as possible for yourself. Studying enough might give you a good enough school that you wont ever have to take the test again. Other little things you can do your junior year would be staying involved in school activities or volunteering your time somewhere. But whatever you´re involved in do your best at doing it and actually want to be their. Something else to focus on would most definitely be your grades. Nothing looks better than good grades and a high GPA. Colleges want to see that you´ll worked hard to get to where you are and potentially you´ll do the same while at their university.


One thought on “Junior Year and Being College Bound”

  1. This is probably the most important information I feel anyone in high school should know. So many kids decide that they don’t care about the future, and that they only care about now, and having fun. I feel the layout of this post could’ve been made a little better, but overall it expresses a very important topic for anyone in high school, especially the freshman and sophomore classes.


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