Junior Year is the Most Important Year

I know everyone thinks senior year is the hardest year of school you can go through for your high school career. But that’s not true at all. Junior year is the year of testing and for ready preparedness for your senior year. From taking the ACT to End of Course Exams to just taking test in your everyday classes. You’re constantly being tested. Personally I think it’s overrated of how much students are tested. Only for the fact of if your score is low on any test most teachers or officials will label you as insufficient. But that is totally not the case! A test is not something that should define who you are how you’re able to conduct yourself. But back to what this post is about, junior year is the year ready yourself.  The best advice I could give to juniors is to study and try your hardest. I know I wish I would’ve tried harder than I did. I feel as if students will try hard to succeed up until Christmas break but after they come back from break students seem to just let go of school responsibilities. Testing for juniors especially the ACT or SAT STUDY !!! Especially if your school is offering the test for free, take advantage of every opportunity you can to have the best possible score your can achieve. In conclusion of this blog post i hope all juniors find the will to continue to work hard, and make the year one where they succeed with all things school to better themselves for the following year.


4 thoughts on “Junior Year is the Most Important Year”

  1. I like the reality in this piece. Its all very true and I completely agree with it because I’ve been through it. Posting this may or may not help students like us that has been through it but the possibility is there.


  2. I like how passionate you are about your feelings on the matter of tests and why you don’t really like them. I also like how you make sure to include (even though you don’t like tests) the importance of taking the Act.


  3. I certainly agree with this post here and the testing part. I think that’s what stresses people out the most. As a senior, I can most definitely say my junior year was the hardest. And my senior year is going better than all my other years surprisingly.


  4. I agree with this post. Junior year is basically a building block to senior year. Everything you do in your junior year affects what happens your senior year. If you get through all your tests and make sure you have all your classes, you have nothing to worry about your senior year except your classes, so you have the whole year to enjoy.


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