The Week of October 16 through October 20

During this week not much I can say has happened. But although there’s not much going on there’s still plenty to talk about. For seniors October through November are pretty important months for those who are college bound. Like for example getting your FASFA done and completed is one of the most important things to get done first. Without your financial aid present for colleges to see its hard for the administrators to accept you let alone consider you at all as a student in the upcoming fall. But besides the fact of needing your financial aid college visits are are key to go on. If I could consider a number of schools to visit, I would say about five. This way your not overwhelmed with the fact of choosing from a boat load of different places to continue your future and your education. If there is anyway you’re not able to visit a school our interested in, most school have virtual tours online, which are able to give you a good idea of what the school looks like. Finally applying to the school where you think you’ll succeed is the most important decision to make in the fall. I know from personal experience this was the hardest part of going through my college finding process. But eventually I made my top three decisions of where I would see myself getting the best education I can afford. Now after this i am applying for scholarships to take down the cost of my tuition. Good luck on your college search, for those who are college bound!


One thought on “The Week of October 16 through October 20”

  1. I really enjoy your blog and how you are including every home school in it. I like this blog post because you a sharing the struggles of being a senior that not only you are going through but the rest of us are too so it is very relatable.


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