The Week of October 2 through October 14

In this long week, there were many homecomings and pep- rally´s kicking off football Friday night. With all teams in action that past weekend trying to bring in a win for their school. Although not all teams brought in a win like Lakewood loosing to Licking Heights 42-12, the team still managed to keep their heads up for the next night and have a fun and exciting homecoming. Also in this part weekend with a homecoming in full swing also Watkins lost to Licking Valley 41-14, but just like the Lancers the Warriors help their heads high for the Saturday for homecoming. Including with the homecomings this past weekend Utica enjoyed and exciting night also. In the upcoming weekend of October 14 more schools will be participating in pep-rally´s and homecoming´s, hoping to have a successful win to carry on into the next day of excitement. These teams and schools include Heath, and Newark. Good luck to both of these teams as they play tomorrow night under the lights. In older news of the past week Newark Catholic girls golf team competed in the District finals where they carried out a win against six other teams including Lakewood girls golf who was also competing against them at Darby Creek Golf Course. Although Lakewood girls did not carry out a win that day as a team or for individual players they still finished happy as a team with smiles on their faces. Good luck to all teams competing this weekend and to the Newark Catholic Girls golf team as they make their way to state.


2 thoughts on “The Week of October 2 through October 14”

  1. There were too many grammatical errors, and spelling errors. I recommend running your posts through a revision stage of some kind. Whether it be a friend, a program, or a website. I love how your blogs don’t only encompass the news of a single school or district, instead it covers everything! I hope to see more great posts from this blog.


  2. I did enjoy this post about some of the Licking County schools football Friday nights. I do think this needs some revision and a picture or two. But over all, I do like hearing this information on NC girls golf team and the football games. I would like to hear a bit more about other sports as well like volleyball, boys and girls soccer and others. I feel like those sports do get left out sometimes.


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