First Blog Post Test

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Thank you for coming to my blog page to explore what happening in the Licking County community and out surrounding schools! This first is a test post for my blog, again thank you for visiting hope you come back!


Winter Sports

With fall beginning to end and the December month approaching, this means winter sports are among us! I hope that all winter sport athletes are ready for their season to begin. For seniors this last season of your sport or sports you play during the winter can be bitter swear. I mean come on its your last season playing this sport. Although it can also be sad you´ll be happy in the long run you were able to be apart of that team, and the family it provided you with of you other team mates. For seniors all you can really do is play this last season with all you’ve got and make this last season the best one yet for you´ll never get another “last” at playing this sport. I would say as senior being able to look back on your high school sports career and say you happy with how you’ve played and grown over the years could one of the best feels in the world. Because how really wants to look back think about having a bad high school sports career? No one I know would want to. Even in any grade not just being a senior, I would hope you’d still want to think about having a good sports season and helping your team mates the best and most efficiently you could. Hopefully all the winter sports athletes this season have a great year ahead. I hope you all push yourself to get better not only in your sport but academically too. Without good grades I doubt you’d be playing much but the bench.

Junior Year and Being College Bound

The sound of planning for college your junior year of high school sounds a little crazy. But really it´s smart to try to plan ahead of time to be ready for your future. I´m not saying to go nuts on the process of going to college and decide everything your junior year but doing the little things like going on college visits or researching what you´d potentially like to major in goes a long way . Coming from my experience of trying to be as successful as possible with my college choices I went on seven college visits my junior year, including the summer I went on two more to help narrow down my choices of where id like to continue my education. Another important thing to do is to take the SAT or ACT. And personally if I could offer anyone advice on this STUDY! Make the test as painless as possible for yourself. Studying enough might give you a good enough school that you wont ever have to take the test again. Other little things you can do your junior year would be staying involved in school activities or volunteering your time somewhere. But whatever you´re involved in do your best at doing it and actually want to be their. Something else to focus on would most definitely be your grades. Nothing looks better than good grades and a high GPA. Colleges want to see that you´ll worked hard to get to where you are and potentially you´ll do the same while at their university.

Junior Year is the Most Important Year

I know everyone thinks senior year is the hardest year of school you can go through for your high school career. But that’s not true at all. Junior year is the year of testing and for ready preparedness for your senior year. From taking the ACT to End of Course Exams to just taking test in your everyday classes. You’re constantly being tested. Personally I think it’s overrated of how much students are tested. Only for the fact of if your score is low on any test most teachers or officials will label you as insufficient. But that is totally not the case! A test is not something that should define who you are how you’re able to conduct yourself. But back to what this post is about, junior year is the year ready yourself.  The best advice I could give to juniors is to study and try your hardest. I know I wish I would’ve tried harder than I did. I feel as if students will try hard to succeed up until Christmas break but after they come back from break students seem to just let go of school responsibilities. Testing for juniors especially the ACT or SAT STUDY !!! Especially if your school is offering the test for free, take advantage of every opportunity you can to have the best possible score your can achieve. In conclusion of this blog post i hope all juniors find the will to continue to work hard, and make the year one where they succeed with all things school to better themselves for the following year.

The Week of October 16 through October 20

During this week not much I can say has happened. But although there’s not much going on there’s still plenty to talk about. For seniors October through November are pretty important months for those who are college bound. Like for example getting your FASFA done and completed is one of the most important things to get done first. Without your financial aid present for colleges to see its hard for the administrators to accept you let alone consider you at all as a student in the upcoming fall. But besides the fact of needing your financial aid college visits are are key to go on. If I could consider a number of schools to visit, I would say about five. This way your not overwhelmed with the fact of choosing from a boat load of different places to continue your future and your education. If there is anyway you’re not able to visit a school our interested in, most school have virtual tours online, which are able to give you a good idea of what the school looks like. Finally applying to the school where you think you’ll succeed is the most important decision to make in the fall. I know from personal experience this was the hardest part of going through my college finding process. But eventually I made my top three decisions of where I would see myself getting the best education I can afford. Now after this i am applying for scholarships to take down the cost of my tuition. Good luck on your college search, for those who are college bound!

The Week of October 2 through October 14

In this long week, there were many homecomings and pep- rally´s kicking off football Friday night. With all teams in action that past weekend trying to bring in a win for their school. Although not all teams brought in a win like Lakewood loosing to Licking Heights 42-12, the team still managed to keep their heads up for the next night and have a fun and exciting homecoming. Also in this part weekend with a homecoming in full swing also Watkins lost to Licking Valley 41-14, but just like the Lancers the Warriors help their heads high for the Saturday for homecoming. Including with the homecomings this past weekend Utica enjoyed and exciting night also. In the upcoming weekend of October 14 more schools will be participating in pep-rally´s and homecoming´s, hoping to have a successful win to carry on into the next day of excitement. These teams and schools include Heath, and Newark. Good luck to both of these teams as they play tomorrow night under the lights. In older news of the past week Newark Catholic girls golf team competed in the District finals where they carried out a win against six other teams including Lakewood girls golf who was also competing against them at Darby Creek Golf Course. Although Lakewood girls did not carry out a win that day as a team or for individual players they still finished happy as a team with smiles on their faces. Good luck to all teams competing this weekend and to the Newark Catholic Girls golf team as they make their way to state.

This Weeks News

For this weeks news I hope to bring you the reason as to why i am doing this blog. This blog is going to be mainly used to bring you weekly information as to what is happening in C-tec’s school community and local events happening in the community and schools surrounding C-tec. I will bring an update every Friday or Thursday as to what will be happening for the upcoming week in my blog post and pages.If their anything specific you’d like to know or read about leave a comment so I am able to see it! Hope you come back often to see the new updates!